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Security Doors

7MM Diamond Grille

This standard security door has been around for quite some time, and has proven to be an old reliable. Its simple design makes it ideal for backdoors or rental properties and is structured to do one job—protect your property. If cost efficiency is what you are looking for, then this security door is definitely the most economical option.

The 7MM Diamond Grille can be manufactured for both sliding as well as hinged doors. In addition, a one-way mesh can be fitted to give you the privacy that you deserve.

IntrudaGuard® Security Screens

Constructed from a single sheet of specially tempered marine-grade aluminum, the IntrudaGuard® security shield also a features a distinct, perforated design. It is made with a high-tensile alloy for increased strength, allowing a new generation of perforated security screens to be produced.

This security shield offers an unmatched 119° viewing angle, ensuring that your view is clear and never compromised. In fact, it offers the highest level of visibility on the aluminum perforated security screen market.

On top of the world-class materials used, IntrudaGuard® security shield is made using a unique bonding process. This particular process ensures unparalleled strength because it does not need any exposed fittings. Also, it has significantly higher value due to its more efficient production time compared to traditional security screens.

SecureView EclipX Security Screen Doors and Windows

These are made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel woven mesh and extruded aluminum frame using a patented fixing method to ensure exceptional durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

SecureView EclipX offers much more than unobstructed views and excellent security. Its thin, impenetrable mesh ensures that the aesthetics of your property are in no way compromised.

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Jones & Rumley Glass offers made-to-measure flydoors and flyscreens. If you want something with enhanced security features, then we can also make security screens for your windows in the 7MM Diamond Grille, Intrudaguard®, or SecureView.

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